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New features coming along

By January 25th, 2012 Development No Comments

The Mac OS X version of the MobileBroadcast Client was released some days ago, but we are not less ┬ábusy with development now. Many new features will be released in the upcoming weeks.┬áNamely, these are “adaptive bitrate”, which dynamically adapts the video bitrate to the available bandwidth of the Internet connection. Thus, freezing images or framedrops are much less likely, and the user doesn’t need to care about setting the exact bitrate before the transmission starts. A new “very low delay” mode allows a total latency of less than a second, making live conversations much more feasible. Finally, bundling even more than two Internet-connections is on the roadmap, giving better chances to establish a live link even under special conditions. Stay tuned, as the new features consecutively will be released within the next weeks.

First Mac screenshot

By December 2nd, 2011 Development No Comments

It has been very quiet in this weblog, but there is a good reason: We are all working hard to release the Mac OS X port of the client software in time. I hope we will still make it in December, or in January at the latest. Here is a first screenshot of the MobileBroadcast Client running in Mac OS X 10.7