The professional way to transfer video content

MobileBroadcast is the new way to to send video-content back from location to the studios and newsrooms. For journalists, camera operators and ENG crews, it offers a wide range of features to transfer and host their footage. TV studios can set up a live link in professional broadcast quality via 3G mobile networks.

Software update required!

Ein Update der MBCast Client Software ist ab 18.6.2021 erforderlich, um Probleme mit der Verifizierung des Servers zu vermeiden.
Bitte laden Sie die aktuelle Version von der Software-Seite herunter und installieren diese!

An update of the MBCast client software is required from 2021/6/18 to avoid problems with the server verification.
Please download and install the latest version from the software page.

Looking for a video-over-cellular backpack solution? MobileBroadcast is a software for video delivery over bundled cellular links that run on standard notebook computers, thus fitting into any backpack! No expensive extra gear required. Build your own backpack transmitter using a laptop and the free MobileBroadcast Client Software.

Have a look at this tutorial to find out how to load the backpack.

Go live via 3G/4G mobile networks

Provided that a 3G/4G mobile broadband connection is available, a live video link can be set up with a laptop computer using the client software connected to the MobileBroadcast Media Server. Live coverage using MobileBroadcast can be performed at a fraction of the cost compared to convetional (SNG or radio link) solutions.

Deliver Video from field to Studio

MobileBroadcast offers a wide range of features for delivering video content under difficult circumstances. In spite of low-bandwidth mobile connections or multiple interruptions during a transfer, the delivery can be completed much faster and more reliable than with convetional ftp solutions.

Host and sell the content you create

If you are journalist or camera operator, use the mbcast.com online platform to host and sell the video content you create. Get multiple gigabytes of online storage, and use our special client software to easily transcode and upload video footage.

Our client software is free! Download, and create an online account