Media Server

The MobileBroadcast Media Server is a special device for broadcasters and TV studios to receive streams delivered with the free client software. The server is designed to meet the demands of professional TV productions. It can easily be integrated to an existing studio environment with a direct SDI ouput built into the server.

With the MobileBroadcast Media Server, you can ...

... live Stream video in professional quality over 3G/4G mobile networks

This is an ideal solution for going live, if a conventional SNG is not available or is not within the production's budget. A live coverage using our free client software in combination with the MobileBroadcast Server can be performed at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional solutions.

... receive, transcode and store video content delivered by outside crews

If you do not need to go live but time is still critical, content can be delivered about three times faster than with conventional ftp solutions. The MobileBroadcast server automatically transcodes incoming video streams to a predefined target format (like XDCAM HD, D10, DV) during transfer. Only small amounts of compressed data need to be transferred across the internet, large files suited for editing can be accessed immediately within the corporate's local area network.

... playout footage

The MobileBroadcast Media Server is equipped with a direct SDI output and can be easily integrated into any existing studio environment. You can play out footage already during the transfer or whenever needed, using an as professional as intuitive server contol user interface.

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